It took 45 days before authorities in Florida did the right thing and arrested 28 year George Zimmerman for murdering 17 year Trayvon Martin.  Is there something is terribly wrong or broken within the America justice system?


The rest of the world is looking at this, eagerly waiting to see how America will deal with a issue that quickly went from local to global.  So far, we've gotten an F.  Since when do police just take a man's "word for it" after he murders someone in the middle of the street?  Since when do police just let a man go, after he's killed someone because he said "it was self defense?"  No arrest, no investigation, no nothing?  Really?  It begs the question.... Would things have gone the same way if Trayvon was the shooter?  I think we all know the answer to that.

Plies along with millions of people across the nation and world are shocked and saddened by how this whole thing has played out.  Out of frustration with the matter, Plies teamed up with several "fed up" people in the community and dropped a tribute video to the late teen today.  Check it out!




In other news, the late Nate Dogg will be performing this weekend!  Yeah, you heard me right!  Find out how that's gonna happen and who he'll be performing with now, press play.

Also, look for Ice-T's documentary "The Art Of Rap" to be in a theater near.  Nicki Minaj landed another major endorsement deal and Jay-Z scored a dream deal with his all time favorite team.  For the scoop, skinny, mess and drama every week, tuned into Tha Wire.  Press play now for today's 411: 



In an update of yesterday's bonus story, Beanie Sigel will have to wait an additional two months to be sentenced for failing to file his taxes.  He appeared in a Philadelphia court yesterday where his sentencing date was suppose to take place, all to learn that it was postponed.

Now, it looks like he's be sentenced July 12th.  The good news is that will allow for him and his legal team to prepare financial documents in a attempt to clear up, what their calling discrepancies in regards to how much he actually owes the IRS.




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