According to rapper Plies, you’ve got seven days from Christmas Day to take down your tree. After that, you’re pretty much doing the most.

The “Racks Up to My Ear” rapper states, “Ain’t nobody supposed to be coming by your house on Martin Luther King, and it’s still up... Martin Luther King and “Chrimas" tree don’t even go together.” This guy is freaking hilarious, making it clear that you have a seven day window to take that tree down. “What you think, Santa Claus left something and he coming bike (back)?,” said Plies. Watch the video above  to hear what else he had to say about leaving “Chrimas” trees up past New Years.

Plies would probably be agitated with Louisiana folks who keep there Christmas trees and decorate them for the Mardi Gras season. Purple, green, and, gold everywhere! If you live in the “Bayou State,” I’m sure you know someone who does this every year, or has in the past. Chances are, I’m talking about your mom, aunt, or grandmother right now. Possibly all of the aforementioned.

Take your tree down folks, or else Plies will be very mad with you.