Last night was a special moment for me where I got the chance to see our offspring and the young ones coming up doing something positive in the community. The Mcneese State University NAACP Chapter came together to do a candlelight vigil in the city.

The world is turned upside down with all of the problems that we as black people are having with our trust within the police force. And there are also issues where I am sure the Police have trust issues with us. With the two recent killings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota and then the retaliation attempt in Dallas, where there were five officers killed while overseeing a protest march has got us where enough is enough.

There were plenty of great speakers including Pastors Bruce Baker, EJ Kemper and Braylon Harris. Also members of the NAACP Mcneese chapter also represented with poetry and insightful words to the masses of 300 plus people in attendance. Check out some of my photos from yesterdays event.

This was truly a great event and I have to take the time to say to the young group Thank You. You have truly worked on making things so much better and this is what our small community needs. You may not be able to reach everyone, but in due time you will make that change that is needed. Also thank you to everyone who came out last night and displayed courage and persistance to want to make a better community.

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