I love this! Lil Kim killed an ignorant comment with one hellivah clap-back recently. Why we as ladies, always wanna pick each other apart I'll never know.... The rap legend put a woman in her place though, when she threw shade at the star on Instagram. For some reason this nobody felt it necessary to point out Kim's imperfections, after the raptress posted a fly pic of herself and Remy Ma.


Ma just dropped the dope new track "Wake Me Up," just in time for the holidays feat. the Brooklyn femcee. BET reports the pic above was taken backstage, shortly after the ladies performed together at a recent gig. Their union has been a highly anticipated venture, since the two female MC's have put aside their past beefs.

As the op states, the Ma and Kim are fierce in their custom clothes as they blessed fans on the Gram. Latex is a hell of lot harder to pull off than spandex, but Kim appears to be quite comfy in her multi-colored bodysuit! Girlfriend was workin' a white fur by Duckie Confetti and slaying in those $1,495 patent leather booties by YSL too.

Unfortunately, somebody's always trying to steal your joy. They gotta say something negative about you, to feel better about themselves. So as no surprise haters couldn't wait to point out all of the Queen Bee's so-called rolls. What they didn't know, is she was ready to break them off with some class. Peep how Lil Kim clapped back

You go gurl! That's how you stand up, when a trick tries to tear you down.

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