R. Kelly fans were really taken back by the news of the singer having throat surgery back in July. Ironically he was on the critically acclaimed Love Letter tour and was receiving raved reviews, but had started complaining of soreness of the throat.On July 20th R. Kelly had emergency surgery done where an abscess was removed from his tonsils and was alerted that he would be placed on rest indefinately. Well we all know that is not the case when it comes to the Pied Piper and 3 months later he is back with the return of an answer to all of the critics who said that he was done. The single is humorously titled "Shut Up" and Kelly really goes in on former friends and critics who were once on his side. Kelly even claims that "Most babies made from the 90's til now were conceived by his music. Although I have to admit, I can't disagree. Check out the new single and let me know what you think!!