V-Lo The Maestro is a friend of us here at 107 Jamz shot me some photos from a red carpet screening of a new movie that he is in called 'A Life To Choose". The movie follows Randy whose a bi-racial male searching for his biological father. During the journey he encounters dark secrets and drama that he wasn't prepared for.and the rest you'll just have to see.

When V called me about the movie. I knew it was something to be looking out for and only time will tell how it does nationally. But locally the red carpet sold out and the reviews so far have been pretty favorable. Check out the trailer for the movie below from Director Vincent Perry.


"A Life To Choose":

The Maestro also shot me some photos from the red carpet event and from the looks of the night. It was truly a success. Make sure you keep it here for more information on the movie and upcoming music from V-Lo The Maestro being heard soon here on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.


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