Tuesday (June 9,2020), authorities have uncovered human remains at the home of Lori Vallow Daybell’s husband in Idaho. In the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Lori's two children, federal and local law enforcement searched the property of Chad Daybell. Joshua “JJ” Vallow was 7 and his sister, Tylee Ryan, was 17 when they vanished last year in September.

The whole crazy story started when Lori’s brother killed her estranged husband, Charles Vallow, allegedly out of self-defense. Alex Cox shot Vallow at his home in Phoenix last July after a brief altercation. The Chandler Police Department was investigating the shooting when Cox died a few months later from a blood clot in the lung. The case is still open. However, it was jump-started a sequence of events that ultimately led to a full-on investigation into Lori and Chad Daybell. Prior to his killing, Charles Vallow filed for divorce citing his wife was off her rocker. According to Vallow, Lori thought she was of divine stature and charged with ushering in the end of days.

If that’s not enough, Tammy Daybell, Chad's former wife, mysteriously died in her sleep last year in October. Though her death was listed as due to natural causes in her obituary, the authorities didn’t buy it. They suspected foul play after Chad and Lori were married two weeks after Tammy's death. The Idaho Attorney General's Office launched a formal death investigation, and Chad Daybell is their main suspect. The authorities had his wife's body exhumed in December to conduct an autopsy. Results have not been released as of yet.

Meanwhile, Lori and Chad moved to Rexburg, Idaho and the kids went missing. The couple had a lot in common, as Chad was also a doomsday believer. He published several fictional books based loosely upon Mormon apocalyptic theories. He also claimed divine powers, allegedly getting visions from beyond the veil. Chad was a regular guest on various podcast shows peddling end of times propaganda.

The couple were at the center of a multi-state investigation that captured national attention. JJ's grandparents, Larry and Kay Woodcock, offered a $20,000 reward for info that could lead to the kids recovery. In February, Lori was arrested in Hawaii after missing a court-order to bring her kids to authorities in Rexburg. She has been charged with felony child abandonment and obstructing the investigation. Her bail was set at $1 million, and she pleaded not guilty.

Though JJ was still missing, his grandparents filed for custody and have continued to keep a spotlight on the case. A vigil in his honor was held on May 25, which would have been his 8th birthday.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office reports Chad Daybell was taken into custody shortly after investigators found human remains buried on his property. Daybell was arrested on suspicion of concealing and destroying evidence, but charges are pending the county coroner's determination into whose remains were found on at Daybell's property.

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