Today in Tha Wire, Rich The Kid was severely beatdown by five men in a home invasion. According to TMZ, the attack took place just last night. The rapper whose real name is, Dimitri Roger, was actually visiting at his girlfriend, Tori Brixx, house when the robbery went down. Two men wearing masks barged into the home. It's not clear as to how the thieves got inside the house, but they were able to catch the couple off guard. There was reportedly a large amount of cash and jewelry, and they wanted it all.

HotNewHipHop reports the young star tried to fight the crooks off, but it was a losing battle. Plus three more men forced their way into the home, with firearms. They bum rushed the "New Freezer" MC, and proceeded to pistol whip the star. The first two men ruffed Tori up, and then began kicking and beating the defenseless rap star.

The thieves made off with the stash they came for. Once they left the residence, Brixx called police. Rich The Kid was rushed to a local hospital, where he was treated for severe injuries. While Tori received medical care, and then released. A spokesperson for the LAPD confirmed they are investigating the home invasion, but don't have anyone in custody at this time. Sources close to the rappers camp, seem to think the burglary was an inside job.

They may be right. I'll keep you posted with any new details. In the meantime we wish Rich a speedy recovery. There's never a good time to be robbed and attacked, but this came at really bad time for the rap star. He had plans of going on the Heartbreak Under A Full Moon Tour with Chris Brown, with other opening acts like H.E.R. and 6lack. However it jumps-off June 19, hope he makes it.

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