Romeo Miller is not in the best of moods this holiday season. The son of rap mogul Master P is concerned about his mother who may have fallen on hard times and is now abusing drugs.

In an emotional letter via his Instagram page, Romeo pleads with his mother to get some help so he can re-establish a relationship with her.

"All I've prayed for this year is to get my mother back! I won't publicly write on this again (or get into details), but I felt in my heart that someway, somehow, that this message may work a miracle," he writes. "I just want you to get help, before it's too late! I wanna have kids one day and I want them to know their amazing grandmother.

"We all are fighting a battle mama, I need you to become David and defeat Goliath! They say THE LOVE of Money is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL. I feel that's only true if you let it consume you," he continues. "The truth is, no matter how big my homes are, or all the fancy cars I have... my life is far from perfect and I'll trade all of this s--- for my mama."

For those who don't know, Romeo is caught in the middle of a divorce battle between his dad, Master P, and mom Sonja Miller. The 27-year-old rapper-actor has been dragged into the legal fray as his mother filed a lawsuit against him. In her suit, Sonja claims that his father is using him to hide money in their divorce settlement.

We hope that that Romeo can rectify this situation and mend their broken relationship. Read his entire post above.

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