2019 Walk Like MADD - Lake Charles, La.

Myself, Big Boy Chill, and our favorite intern, Shay Butta, were out last Saturday, September 14, at the Lake Charles Civic Center amphitheater to take part in the annual Walk Like MADD event. It was a success, with family and friends gathering to remember their loved ones who were taken away due to the negligence of drunk drivers.

Attorney Ron Richard and Louisiana State Police Sgt. James Anderson was on hand to speak. Richard donated food and beverages to everyone in attendance and LSP brought out the drunk googles for participants at the walk so they could see what it's like to drive impaired, and to further discourage anyone from ever doing so.

I hadn't attended the walk since 2015, a year after I lost my friend Jeremy Olivier. This year, with his daughter also in attendance, his mother requested that I be there, and I obliged with the added incentive of providing my DJ services free of charge. I'd missed the last couple of walks due to being out of town or previous engagements, but it was very important that I be there this year.

As we wrapped up the event, filled with plenty of donated door prizes from area businesses, butterflies were released as we spoke the names of our loved ones in remembrance of them. Our area MADD raised well over $5,000 this year to help continue the fight against drunk driving.

Next week will make five years since I lost my friend, and the pain has yet to completely subside. Due to the circumstances, I don't expect that it ever will. What I will do, is continue to assist in the efforts to make people aware of the dangers of drunk/impaired driving and its lasting effects on the families of victims.

Thank you to everyone who attended.

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