Lake Charles Zydeco musician, Sean Ardoin, had a great year with his first Grammy nomination, and might I add, two of them for Kreole Rock and Soul, where he got the chance to work with world-renowned producer, Aaron Lindsey. While he didn't get the award, it has familiarized his name with the who's who in the industry.

Well, get ready as Sean will be releasing his newest piece of work with VEN. The pre-release will be on August 7th and the official release will be on Friday, August 9th. I've had the privilege of hearing the album, and let me tell you that this is going to be something for the books.

The album features Sean Ardoin II rapping on the song, Shut Them Down, and Cupid and Uncle Luck come together on one of my favorites, Gumbo Time. If you love traditional or contemporary Zydeco, make sure you download or stream this album when it becomes available next week and make sure you are tuned into the Zydeco Jamboree this Saturday with Cullen Washington, as some of the songs from the album will be premiered this weekend during the show.

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