Rick Ross has dropped a ton of mixtapes since the launch of his career and yesterday added to that long list with The Black Bar Mitzvah.  However, a lot of people from the Jewish faith are not happy about his choice of album titles especially former Bad Boy rapper Shyne.

Shyne Po-Facebook
Cover of the new mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah by Rick Ross-youtube

As a matter of fact, Shyne made his feelings know and blasted Ross on Twitter with the following tweets:

Shyne blasts Rick Ross on Twitter for naming his mixtape "The Black Bar Mitzvah"-Twitter

Ironically, Rick Ross had nothing but love for Shyne in a recent interview.

However, Shyne doesn't look like he's ready to let up on Rozay.  In an interview with MTV News this morning he said,

"I ain't mad. It's just I think he's corny. ... I have no respect for what he represents, for who he is, let's just start with that.  The Black Bar Mitzvah, to me, you're on me, you're obsessed with everything Shyne. All of a sudden, you running with the Star of David and dudes is Jewish now all of a sudden?  I really have no tolerance for what he represents because he's a liar."

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In spite of Rick Ross's olive branch, Shyne has be relentless in his attacks on the MMG CEO.  So far, Rick Ross has not responded to Shyne's comments.  In other news, The Dream started his career behind the scene's writing hits for some of music's biggest stars from Mariah Carey to Celine Dion to Jay-Z and Beyonce. Somewhere down the line he decided to keep some of them to himself and launch his own singing career.  He continues to a big success at both, however he will be taking on another set of responsibilities and I got all the details with Tha Wire below.

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In even more news, Machine Gun kelly drops his new album today, Lace Up.  I've got more details as to who is featured on the new project, plus the scoop on when and who he'll soon be going on tour with.  So, get all of today's juicy details.  To hear Tha Wire press play: