Ironically, just a few weeks ago singer Betty Wright was given her flowers for the world to see. This was done through the means of the hit show Unsung on TV One. The show gives insight to artists who had a hot streak of music and, in some cases, fell off the radar.

Today, we get the news that the legendary singer has passed. Just a few days ago, singer Chaka Khan posted for all of the singer's fans to say a prayers for Betty Wright She didn't go into any further details on the matter. However, with today's news, we understand just how dire the need for prayer was.

This is another unfortunate day in music after hearing of the passing of Andre Harrell and Little Richard over the weekend. During her later years, Wright worked with hip hop artists like Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy, and DJ Khaled. She has a catalog of music that goes for years with hit singles like The Clean Up Woman and Tonight is the Night.

It breaks my heart to have to continue writing these posts because it seems like we are losing all of our favorite entertainers daily. This is another legend who will most definitely be missed. Check out some of my favorite performances from Betty Wright below.

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