An R&B superstar allegedly gave a woman the herpes virus, and word on the street is it may be singer Usher.  Now we don’t normally touch rumors, but so many credible sites are picking up on this shocking claim, here we are.

We’ll refrain from the “Let it Burn” jokes, because let’s face it someone was hurt in this alleged incident, and it’s just freaking insensitive. I digress.

A report from RadarOnline alleges they obtained a lawsuit between a celebrity stylist and the 38-year-old singer, that details “he had rigorous unprotected sex without disclosing he was stricken with the rabid virus,” said the site.

It wasn’t until after three weeks of hooking up with the singer that the unnamed woman started having symptoms that pushed her to see a doctor, where she discovered she had contracted herpes. Usher reportedly called them woman some time later with his doctor to confirm that he had the virus.

The document also states that the singer used a pseudonym “Papa Bear” in order to communicate in taking care of her medical bills. Reports also claim Usher paid the woman $1.1 million in a lawsuit.

Wow... We hope this isn’t true, but considering how common the virus is these days, it’s possible. Wrap it up, and stay posted for more on this story.

[Read More: RadarOnline]

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