Usher had a rather rough day in court Wednesday. In what was a battle over child custody, has now been complicated by accusations he cheated with his ex-wife Tameka Fosters bridesmaid!


As previously reported, Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster are in the mist of a nasty custody battle. If that's not bad enough, he was blindsided in court Wednesday were during cross examination he was questioned about the couples nanny. Tameka's attorney suggested that the nanny had "traveled to Miami" with Usher and he had left after he was "discovered in bed with Maya Fox Davis?" Usher was completely taken back by the line of questioning and seemed confused. His attorney immediately objected and stated the questioning was "absolutely irrelevant." However the judge allowed it.

Divorce is never easy, especially when your famous and kids and money are involved. Ursh, has a up-hill battle in front of him. There's no doubt about it. From the looks of things it's going to be pretty painful before it's all said and done. He was very hurt when Tameka's lawyer accused him of not being a good father.
Here's the latest developments in court yesterday.

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