Today in Tha Wire, looks like Usher may be vindicated in the herpes scandal that's plagued his life over the past few weeks. According to, the singer has been quietly building a defamation case against ALL of his accusers. Yaasss!  Listen if it turns out these people have been lying, I hope they get jail time. Sources are saying Usher doesn't have herpes. Well as I said before, I am holding out hope that all of this isn't true.

As previously reported the R&B superstar is once again being sued and accused of giving three additional people the herpes virus. Over the past few weeks several media entities have been covering this ignorant story-Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, BETCBS, New York Daily NewsTMZ, Radar Online etc. It's just more and more bizarre. As of last week celeb attorney, Lisa Bloom, announced she was representing the new individuals. They are comprised of two females, and one male. All of them claim Usher knowingly exposed them to herpes, and failed to warn them he had the virus.

On Monday August 7, 2017 Bloom stated, "Today, I am filing a lawsuit on behalf of two women and one man who say they had sexual contact with Mr. Raymond." She continued, "All of my clients allege that they've had direct sexual contact with Mr. Raymond, and one of them has been tested positive.

Joining Bloom on Monday's press conference was a new accuser, Quantasia Sharpton. Sharpton claims she went to Usher's show on her 19th birthday and was approached by his people at the concert. She alleges they had sex, but he never told her he had an STD. Peep the video below to hear why she's suing the star.

Girl bye! I'm sorry I don't believe Sharpton's story at allMeanwhile Sandrarose is reporting that all the herpes news about Usher is false. According to them a "credible source," close to Ursh showed them documents and photos proving the singer/actor didn't even give Maya Fox-Davis a dime. That by the way, is the woman who sued him in the initial herpes lawsuit. She claimed she got the virus from him, and he knowingly exposed her. Usher allegedly paid her $1.1 million to settle out of court. She's also the former trifling friend of Usher's first wife, Tameka Foster. This shady heffa was even a bridesmaid in their wedding!

Sad isn't it? As for the whole herpes story... sooner or later the truth will come to light. For Usher's sake, I hope he can clear his name. In the meantime, his camp has remained relatively quiet. Is that smart? Is this the quiet, before the legal storm of the century? We shall see people. We shall see.

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