Hollywood Life reports Snoop Dogg is the latest victim of Insta-model, Celina Powell.  This would be the same chick, that lied all year about Migos star Offset getting her pregnant. As previously reported, Powell would later admit she was lying. It was pretty crazy, because she put a lot of work into her lie. She started with IG pics of a newborn, that wasn't even hers. Then filed a paternity lawsuit, forced the rapper to get a DNA test, and nearly destroyed his relationship/marriage to Cardi B. Only to turn around and admit to DJ Akademiks, she was lying the whole time. Wow!

The sad reality is, this young girl has a serious problem. TMZ reported last year she tried to nail other rappers with pregnancy schemes like Chief Keef, Waka Flocka Flame, and Fetty Wap. Powell clearly has a mental issue going on, and until she gets some help, it looks like she'll continue with the shenanigans. Which brings me to the latest scandal the notorious internet groupie has created.

Hollywood Life reports Powell's new target is 46-yr old rap legend, Snoop Dogg.  Powell claims to be exposing The Doggfather, because he supposedly didn't put it down right. Anyway...over the weekend she flooded her social media page with a variety of screenshots, and alleged text messages, she claims the two exchanged during their affair. In addition the net groupie is accused Snoop of asking her for sex, claiming they had several "secret meetings," and he supposedly facetimed her "15 times."

Snoop hasn't addressed Powells accusations directly, but he may be firing some subliminal shots instead. The actor/rapper took to his social media page to announce he's gotta new show coming out, called Clout Chasers. FYI the phrase means; a person who hangs with certain people, or starts beef with people to gain popularity. Below is a video of Snoop revealing a few details about his upcoming show.

We don't have any details on Snoops new show yet, but we'll be on the lookout. In the meantime, Snoop sat down with Hip Hollywood to talk his new Gospel album, Bible of Love. In addition the rap icon discussed his career, and how his wife of 20 years has been the backbone of their family. Snoop and Shante' weathered the storm of Hollywood and are stronger than ever. Peep some of that interview below.

As far as the cheating scandal...Snoop doesn't appear to be to worried about Powell's accusations. His wife Shante', aka The Boss Lady, sent a little message to let Celina know she's barking up the wrong tree. everyone know...she ain't worried about a damn thing.


Yaasssss! Looks like Mrs. Broadus isn't worried about a damn thing. Hopefully this scandal will prove to be just that, and Powell will find another way to make a name for herself.

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