Today in Tha Wire, over the past few years actress Stacey Dash has made it a practice to put her foot in her mouth.  Best known for her role in "Clueless" "Mo' Money" and music video's for Carl Thomas and more famously Kanye West's "All Fall Down" video, the actress has joined the anti-Obama and extremely biased FOX News Channel as a correspondent.

Though you'd never know it, Dash voted for President Barack Obama in the 2008.  In 2012 she made headlines when she publicly switched her party from Democrat to Republican, endorsing Republican nominee Mitt Romney on her Twitter page.  The backlash from her fans was epic to say the least.

Since then, Dash has continued her angry and a lot of times anti-black rhetoric, publicly bashing the President, dissing various artists like Jay Z and Beyonce, ironically even Hip Hop music.  Unfortunately she found out this week her buddy's over at FOX don't love her as much as, she thought they did.

HipHollywood reports Stacey Dash was suspended after she cursed on the air during another one of her rants about President Obama.  While slamming the Presidents Oval Office address on terrorism on the FOX show "Outnumbered," the former actress got so emotional, she said "he doesn't give a sh*t," on live TV.

Below is video of the full speech President Barack Obama gave from the Oval Office that has some in an uproar.

Below is video of Stacey Dash and her co-workers discussing how horrible the Presidents speech was.  Peep how Dash curses and then attempts to smooth it over.


Once the 48-year-old realized what she said, she tried to clean it up saying,

“Excuse me, he could care less. He could care less. Here we have 14 people dead. Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, his speech should’ve had a lot more passion.”

Well, looks like her speech had to much passion  for the lunchtime talk show.  CNN reports Fox senior executive vice president Bill Shin called her foul language,

“completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air.  Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel do not condone the use of such language.”

Shortly after Stacey sent a tweet in response to her suspension on Twitter saying,

Consequences. Some of us have to pay them. Gladly.

Meanwhile, she wont be serving out the suspension by herself.  He co-worker Ralph Peters couldn't keep his emotions in check either, as he called the President the "P" word, during a segment on Sunday's FOX Business Network with Stuart Varney.  Peters ranted, he's “a total p___” who "doesn't want to hurt our enemies."

Varney told him, "You can't use language like that on the program, OK?." At which time Peter's responded,

"I do apologize for giving into my anger, but... I feel like you know the American people understand where I'm coming from on this," He continued. "My choice of words was incorrect, but my sentiment, I think, is shared by many."

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