I have obviously been out of the loop for years. I thought that this was simply a given. I remember going to Head Start and, of course, kindergarten.

Senate Education Committee Chairman Cleo Fields wants to ensure children are introduced to a learning environment at a younger age to maximize their learning potential. It is currently not required to attend kindergarten. According to Louisiana's Early Childhood Care and Education Commission, birth to five years of age is a critical period for brain development. There is also commission research that states a child's brain is 90% developed by age five.

If the senate bill is approved by the legislature, children who turn five years of age on or before September 30 will be required to be enrolled in kindergarten. This article, which will be Senate Bill 10, will be debated during the upcoming 2021 Regular Legislative Session, which begins on April 12. You can view the measure and other bills that have been pre-filed at www.legis.la.gov.

I understand the Senator's commitment to our children's education. However, I understand the roles parents have these days. Many are working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Some are not even able to get their kids prepared themselves and are using neighbors or grandparents for assistance. What are your thoughts on this as parents? Do you feel like this will benefit the children in the long run? How can things be accommodated for you in order to do your part in making sure your kids attend kindergarten?

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