Today is a big day for the man known to everyone as one of the original kings of comedy.  Steve Harvey hung his stand-up mic up this summer, but only to replace it with another.  A talk show mic.


Steve Harvey premieres his new talk show, "The Steve Harvey Show".  Here's what Steve says you can expect from the show:

Find out what time and what channel Steve's new show will air on. Plus, get the exclusive on what you can expect on today's show.  All the details are inside Tha Wire below.


In the meantime in other news, major drama is starting to go on between the children and wife of the late rapper/singer Nate Dogg.  Nate as we all know passed last year due to complications of two prior strokes.  Unfortunately, his family is now involved in a heated dispute over where and who should get his money and property.  I got all the details with Tha Wire below.




In other news, 50 Cent launched his new wireless headphones about two years ago and now he's suing the company that he that he named them after.  Not only that, but he wants back interest and court fees as well.  Finally, the world mourns the loss of the lovable actor Michael Clark Duncan.  He rows to fame as the gentle giant in the movie "The Green Mile".  Since then he's stared in a ton of hit movies like, "Talladega Nights", "The Scorpion King", "Planet Of The Apes" and much. We will miss you big Mike.

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