I love going to the gym and when i get the chance to work out with the weights I love it more then anything. The fact that I am on the get healthy kick to better myself is something that I never thought would happen, but I am in it to win it and will not stop. Now while I am good with lifting weights, I still have a little work to do to get to the point of this guy. When I saw this video, it immediately let me know that I am not at all where I want to be. This guy deadlifts from 125 to over 900 pounds. Check out the video and see for yourself.


Eddie Hall Deadlifting from 125lb's to 925 Lb's 

This has got the be the real life Incredible Hulk as he is the truth. Believe me for those who don't know that deadlifting is something the is truly difficult. You are putting all of the pressure on your limbs, while trying to refrain from doing damage to your back. This guy has mastered it and all you have to do is watch this over a few times and you will see that he is not done by a long shot.

If you want to see more of this guy Eddie Hall, all you have to do is google him and I am sure that you will find out everything and more that you need to know about him. Props to the young man and for those of you who aspire to be of this caliber, all you have to do is keep working at it and you could possibly be the next strong man out there on the grind.


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