When it comes to trying to lose weight and get healthy. There is nothing harder to do then to get your mind right. People will always say that it is easy and all you have to do is put your heart in and just do it. Well this young man is obviously dealing with the same thing. I have attempted several times and have fallen off of the wagon. Only to start over and do it all again.

This last time I decided that I really needed to do it, not just for me but for my family as well. I hope that this young man can get the will power and the help that he needs to lose weight and stick to it. A Rhode Island man was apparently kicked out of a hospital because he order a pizza. I have to wonder if they even gave him a chance or talked to him to find out what happened.

Hopefully his father can get him some help pretty soon. Once he really gets the help he needs physically as well as psychologically I am sure that he will be well on the road to recovery and become the young man that he is destined to be.

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