This week, my wife and I have started to work on bettering our health and losing a little unwanted fat as well. I have been locked into going to the gym for over the past five years, where I try to get in at least 5 days a week and sometimes on the weekend.

My wife has been talking about the 10 day smoothie cleanse from nutritionist J.J. Smith, who has the New York Times bestseller and has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show and more. I agreed to do this, but I was a little resistant at first. I am a guy who loves to eat, and when I heard smoothie, I didn't hear another word on what was coming next.

Well, not only am I getting a pretty good amount of food while I am doing the cleanse, I am not feeling bad like I thought I would. One of the things we do every morning is drink of a mixture of water and Apple Cider Vinegar. Now trust me, the taste is not number one on the list, but I have always heard about the benefits of drinking Apple Cider Vinegar. Check out this video of the importance of ACV, and how it can work for you to lose weight and other health benefits.

The information seems to be pretty reliable. Although I will tell you first hand: it's all about getting your mind ready to move to the next step. Definitely do more research on your own, but it's all about getting healthier and living to be as long as you possibly can. Good Luck!

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