The suspect believed to be responsible for Trill Entertainment rapper Lil Phat's murder is now in custody.  Police have reason to believe that Lil Phat's death was a hit put out by a former Russian mobster.Allhiphop reports that Russian mobster Mani Chulpayev is believed to have hired a hitman to murder the rapper.  Chulpayev is accused of having Lil Phat shot to death in a hospital parking garage last June.  Phat was at the hospital because his child was being born.  Police reports indicated that the rapper was killed in a drive-by as he sat in his car just outside the hospital.

Allegedly Chulpayev was upset with Phat because he was supposedly was talking to police about Chulpayev selling stolen cars out of his Atlanta car business.  Ironically, Phat was leasing two vehicles from the former Russian mobster, a BMW as well as as Audi.  So there's no denying that the two men knew each other.  On top of that, they both had the same attorney too.

Speaking of which, Attorney George Plumides said, “Mani had nothing against this kid, and grieved when he found out he got killed.  They put him out of business and they have nothing.”  However Atlanta's Channel 2 begs to differ and has been credited for cracking the case, find out how here.