Clearly someone was out to assassin Henrik Olsson Lilja, the Swedish lawyer who played a major role in getting rap superstar A$AP Rocky released from a Swedish prison.The attorney was hired by the star to represent him in the country after Rocky was denied access to his legal team here in the U.S. He was later replaced by another Swedish attorney Slobodan Jovicic, whom went on to help the rapper and two members of his entourage fight trumped assault charges against Mustafa Jafari.

We learned that Lilja was shot in the chest and head multiple times just outside his apartment early this morning (Friday Sep. 6.) AllHipHop reports two men approached the lawyer, ambush style, and opened fired. For now the motive is unknown, and there's now word if the lawyer is alive or not. The timing is rather odd though, because A$AP just announced he's not interested in fighting his conviction.

Meanwhile it's being reported that the shooter after the shooting the two assailants hopped in a SUV the was waiting on them, and made their getaway before the authorities arrived. It's unclear if the men are in custody yet and an investigation is underway to find a motive for the shooting. I will keep you posted when we learn more.



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