Today in Tha Wire it doesn't matter how much money you have.  How safe or gated your neighborhood may be.  You can still be a victim of a home invasion.  Now-a-days it seems as if celebrity cribs have been the targets of choice, when it comes to home intrusions.  The LA Times reports that over the past 10-years stars have become easy targets, one things for sure they have a lot to take.  They are also easy to get to, because their lives and whereabouts are so public.  Celebrities in Southern California in particular, are really getting nailed.

The LAPD reports a lot of times thieves use the celebrity's' own social media page, and gossip magazines to get the info they need to stage a heist.  A L.A. crime group called, the “Bling Ring,” did just that, and robbed stars like Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton and others at will.  In recent years, celebrity home invasion have been on the rise.  Some stars have found crazy people in their home, others have had millions in money, jewels and property taken.  It's sucks to be famous right about now!

Two years ago Chris Brown found a deranged fan in his bed, after returning home from a trip. The woman had been in his home for days.  She broke the hinges on a door to get in the singer's mansion.  While there she painted "I love you" on his walls and her name on his cars, threw away his daughter's clothes, cooked several meals and slept in his bed.

This year celebrities home invasions have exploded. TMZ reports stars like Dodgers superstar Yasil Puig lost millions in jewelry, crooks made off with five of Derek Fisher's championship rings, even the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan was robbed of several hundred thousand in jewels.  Just last month Drake's home was broken into.  Though the rapper didn't press charges, the fact that a mentally ill fan could just walk in his house and drink up all your good soda is still creepy as hell.

Now comes word two more stars have been robbed in the L.A. area just this week. HipHollywood confirmed today, rap star A$AP Rocky and model Amber Rose just became the latest celebs to get hit.  A women believed to be the rap star's cousin, was home when armed robbers broke-in Tuesday night.  LAPD report the incident occurred at 11:30 p.m.   Officers arrived to the home after receiving a call, and found the woman shaken but unharmed.  Rocky was not home at the time, and apparently she was the only one there.  She claimed she was approached by three men, when she tried to leave the home.

That one of them had a gun and put it in her face, demanding that she go back inside.  He then ordered her to show him where Rocky's safe was.  She did, but told them she didn't have the combination.  Then according to her, the three men took the safe.  They didn't get far though, because it was to heavy.  So they wound up leaving it on the sidewalk.  However, they didn't leave empty handed.  Police say they made off with roughly $1.5 million in bling.


In another incident this week, model/reality show star Amber Rose had a creepy experience in her San Fernando home.  TMZ reports Wednesday a male suspect broke a window and entered her home, early in the morning.  Police say Amber, her son, her mother and a assistant/bodyguard were all sleeping at the time.

The man reportedly was in her home for four hours, walking around before finally leaving.  Here's the kicker...she didn't know anything was wrong till the next day, when she seen the broken kitchen window.  At that time she reviewed her subservience footage, and to her horror seen what happened while she was sleeping.

Now that's just down right creepy!


According to a report from TMZ, Amber Rose found an intruder inside her home Wednesday afternoon who allegedly had been hanging out for four hours while she had been sleeping.  Her assistant even got up and fixed something to eat, with the man in the house!  Thankfully no one was hurt, and the intruder didn't take anything.  If I were her, that wouldn't make me feel any better.  Talk about weird.  Police do not have a suspect in custody in that case either.

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