Join the African Americans Taking Control of Our Own Health, Tele-Town Hall on Day Six of the annual SWLA Juneteenth Festival. The celebration continues Thursday as local health professionals talk deadly health conditions that continue to plague the Black community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on America’s African American community and other people of color. The plight greatly contributed to the fact that many people of color are front-line workers who are constantly exposed to the coronavirus while at work. Other contributing factors such as access to healthcare and healthy food along with diseases like hypertension and diabetes all play a role in thousands falling victim to the deadly virus.

Thursday, SWLA Center for Health Services invite you to join a virtual health discussion with key solutions that can help you manage your health. Hear from a panel of medical professionals and specialists offering insight, local resources, and strategies to prevent future medical emergencies for you and your family.

Sign up to join the virtual Tele-Town Hall, African Americans Taking Control of Our Own Health, here.

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