'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
A story getting a lot of attention in Hollywood these days is Oprah’s recent visit to Switzerland.  Lady O was racially profiled while visiting an upscale boutique in Switzerland when the incident occurred.  Find out more here.
Papa John Employee Butt Dials A Racist Voicemail [NSFW , VIDEO]
While I do understand that you can watch what your employees do at all time, you do feel like you have responsible and reliable people to handle the job. Well over the weekend I am sure the CEO of Papa Johns pizza wishes he was working for the library right about now. One of his employees basically …
'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
There's some things you just shouldn't say and unfortunately, Lil Wayne is learning that the hard way.  He hooked-up with Future for the remix of 'Karate Chop' and made a disrespectful Emmett Till comment and Tills family is speaking out.
Happy Juneteenth
A lot of people have heard of it, but really don't know what or why it's celebrated.  June 19th A.K.A. Juneteenth.  FYI, Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the Unit…