I was hanging out in the studio today and my good buddy Chilli came through and decided to drop some jewels for the viewers of the 107 Jamz site. While he is known for being a practical joker and funny for the most part, he is sometimes pretty serious and will give you plenty of unsolicited knowledge.


While we were fooling around Chilli simply said to me, hey I got something that I want to talk about and although I was a little hesitant at first, what he came out with was pretty to the point and very informative.


Chilli Gives Inspiring words to Erik Tee and the Viewers:

While those of us around the station tend to think that Chilli is simply full of jokes and that's about it, believe it or not the dude is talented and can hang with the best of them. I don't know when he'll have another inspiring moment, but you can best and believe that I will be there when it happens.