I am a HUGE fan of Tamia.  She is a massive talent and I can't think of a single song she's put out, that I didn't like. 


Tamia is back with a new single "Beautiful Surprise".  Here's the official music video featuring her husband NBA legend Grant Hill.




Tamia has been happily married to Grant Hill since 1999.  The happy couple has two beautiful daughters Myla and Lael Rose.  Having a strong marriage is key and is the very reason they got through two life threatening illnesses in the same year.  In 2003, Grant contracted MRSA in his ankle and it took 6 months for him to recover.  This is no ordinary infection, it could be fatal if not treated right.  That same year, Tamia was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).   However, through diet and exercise she is managing to live with the disease.  Both Tamia and her husband have dedicated their lives to finding a cure and continued research of MRSA and MS.


Having MS hasn't stopped Tamia from pursuing her dreams of singing and performing.  Singing for Tamia, was just meant to be.  Quincy Jones found a diamond in the ruff when he discovered her.  With his Midas touch, a star was born when Tamia released her first single "You Put A Move On My Heart".



It was 1994 when dropped her first single and fast forward to 2012, she hasn't lost her touch.  Tamia is now an independent artist and had this to say about releasing her new album, "feels great!  This is my second album under my label, Plus 1 Music Group.  The album “Beautiful Surprise” will be released Aug 28th and I’m really excited.  It is available for pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon."

While we wait, here's another Tamia classic to keep us busy.  One of my favorites, Tamia's "I'm So Into You".




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