There was a big rainstorm that hit the city today and from the looks of it. It seemed like we weren't going to be moving around very much. But that didn't stop a thing once we got out there and got things going.

Today we had four of our radio station doing remotes at several of the Billy Navarre locations and I was at the Billy Navarre Nissan location with a great group of people. I hung out with the General Sales Manager Terry Kuykendall who is really leading the crew over there and keeping the moral up in the building. Today while I was there if someone came by for a test drive, they were given thirty free car washes

I also want to send a shout out to Carl Pete who is still on board even with the transition and was a welcoming face in the building.

We had a great day with our live remote broadcast and there was a call for ten cars to be sold and before I left they had gotten down to seven needing to be sold. I want to thank the crew for letting me come out and hang with them and thanks to everyone who came over today to test drive or purchase a ride. I also have to thank Terry, Carl and all of the great staff over there today for the warming reception.

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