Today, it has officially been 33 days since Hurricane Laura ravaged Lake Charles and made these past few weeks truly uncomfortable to live and go forward. While Entergy has really been on the ground working since the beginning, Suddenlink has left us still without internet and full restoration is not expected until mid-November.

While I am not a expert on cable or internet restoration, I truly believe you need more than a few hundred people on the ground working at a time. I am sure this is financially gonna really dig deep into the pockets of Altice/Suddenlink. However, this is the current state of the world, and operating without internet is definitely not something we can continue to do on a daily basis on top of the fact that they have now started school virtually, and I have already seen a line of complaints from the parents. This is also going to be pretty taxing to the students, who not only lose the excitement of seeing their friends for school but have to be under pressure to get their work done in a timely manner.

I did not realize how reliant we all are on internet until we lost connectivity here. Most of the equipment we use is solely based on internet, and not having it has been more than a curse for many of us here. We have tried to use the hotspots on our phones, but many people are doing the same thing. This is only presenting more of a problem for everyone going forward, as the cell network is overloaded with everyone trying to use the internet through their phones and hotspots.

Being a businessman, I understand things that appear easy on the outside can truly be deceiving. There are more problems than many can imagine when it comes to fixing things. Add that on top of the entire city losing the use of something and having other entities trying to use some of the same resources can be a bummer. I am optimistic Altice will not only rectify the issue, but will get things moving better than before. The saga continues with no internet, but I am sure that while it's been over a month, this is only temporary and Lake Charles will continue to rebuild, one brick at a time.

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