Former member of the Hot Boys, Turk sat down with the Breakfast Club and discussed his role at Cash Money Records during the late 90’s. The New Orleans bred MC also discussed his lawsuit against his former label for monies owed, as well linking back up with Lil Wayne once again. The Young & Thuggin' rapper says for years their relationship was being blocked by Baby (Birdman). He even discussed the infamous kiss between Birdman and Lil Wayne.

Turk talked about his drug use of heroin and cocaine, and tells the story of how and why he served over 8 years in a federal prison. In 2005, the rapper was convicted of felony firearm possession, being a fugitive from justice in possession of a firearm, and an unlawful user addicted to a controlled substance in possession of a firearm. The charges stemmed from an 2004 incident in Memphis,Tennessee where Turk allegedly shot a police officer, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Through a plea deal In 2006 for the same second-degree murder charge, the rapper was sentenced to 14 years.  Turk only served eight years, eight months and 16 days because of the plea deal. {Source: Wikipedia

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