Uncle Luke has never been one to shy away from drama or controversy and it seems he is back like he never left. He recently had the chance to talk with Rosenberg, K-Foxx and Ebro to talk about his issues with French Montana and Lil Wayne. Check out the interview below and hear what Luke has to say!

New Yorks Hot 97 Interviews Uncle Luke:

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Alot of people sleep on Luke, but like he said before there was a Lil Wayne, Future, French Montana and lots more, he was rolling with the music and was the king of the dirty raps. You should really take heed to what he says and not look at it as he is hating on the other artist. He actually tried to give a little incite to Rick Ross as well, but I don't think it really sinked in. Make sure you get your history on Uncle Luke here, and find out why these rappers should really have alot more respect for what he has given the art of rap.