Usher's 11-year-old stepson Kyle Glover has been declared brain dead after he and his 15-year-old friend were admitted to a hospital following a boating accident Friday, TMZ reports.


According to reports the youngsters were floating on inner tube in tow by a speed boat in Georgia's Lake Lanier Friday when someone on a Jet Ski struck them.  Kyle and the girl, whose name was not released, sustained serious injuries and were evacuated to a nearby hospital, where they remain in critical condition.

Kyle's injuries seem to be worse than his friend's as it's being reported that he was struck in the head and then knocked unconscious shortly thereafter.  His injury was reported by the Department of Natural Resources Sergeant Mike Burgamy who was one of the first respondents on the scene.  The girl, was treated for a broken arm and head injury

Both children were immediately airlifted to Children's Healthcare at Egelston Hospital in Atlanta.  The cause of the horrible accident are still under investigation and the persons driving the jet ski have yet to be revealed.  TMZ reports that officials have ruled out alcohol as a factor and a rep for the Department of Natural Resources, Robin Hill said that they will try to recreate the accident using special computer programs to determine the details.

Based on the results, Usher could choose to press charges over the accident.  By the way, in spite of their differences Usher hired a private jet to bring Foster to her injured son.  It's unclear at this point as to whether Usher was with Kyle at the lake or someone else.

Please pray for a miracle.  This family can use all the prayers they can get.  Our deepest sorrow goes out to both Usher and Tameka.

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