Over the weekend there were a few mishaps that possibly could have been avoided. The first one that caught my attention was a truck that ran into Tranhans Hardware and the second was when I heard about a car running into Leonards Food Quarters here in Lake Charles. The first question I had to ask myself was, is this real? The second was how can you run into a building like that? Well when I saw this video of the actually car running into the building. I have to admit, neither one of them was answered.


To see that the individual driving this vehicle obviously was not paying attention and had lost control of the car. The speed was crazy and the car literally flew off of the ground. Check out the video of the actually incident, courtesy of KPLC.

The individual driving the vehicle has not be identified and we don't know whether the person was there when it happened or had left the scene. I am sure the officers are looking for all clues and hopefully, we can get some of these questions answered.


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