As concerns grow over the shooting that took place Sunday night (May 24, 2020), the owner of the club says her business had been closed for months. Shawanda Reynaud told KPLC she was in disbelief when her mom called in the middle of the night to tell her there was a shooting at her club. According the Reynaud, she closed the club due to financial difficulty last December.

Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office reports Wanda’s Karaoke and Entertainment was at the center of a shooting investigation. Someone gained access to the building that sits off Hwy. 90 and threw a graduation party, but the clubs management claims they didn’t know anything about the party. Local authorities were called out to the scene after gunshots rang out and left seven attendees were injured. Ironically, Reynaud told KPLC that her place was dedicated to her mother losing a son to gun violence.

Even though the club was closed, Reynaud told the news she continued to pay the utilities. She says the person who owns the property threw the party, not her. Regardless, Chief Deputy Stitch Guillory said everyone attached to the club has to take responsibility for what happened. An investigation is ongoing and will determine the next steps as far as legal liability.

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