It's a sad day when it seems as if an individual is starting to get his life going in the right path and as soon as he gets there, things tend to go south. Malcolm Shabazz who is the grandson of Malcolm X was recently killed in Mexico. There are some who say the he was robbed, while others are saying that this could have been a final attempt on his life

Malcolm Shabazz basically had a troubled life from the beginning and some pretty big shows to fill as well. He first gained notoriety from being 12 years old and setting his grandmothers home on fire. Of course this would be Ms Betty Shabazz, the wife of Malcolm X. She would eventually subside from the injuries sustained from the fire. As the years passed Malcolm was in and out of trouble before finally seeming to go in a different direction and following the pattern set by his grandfather. It's a sad day that it had to come to this and our prayers are with the Shabazz family during this time. Hopefully he will find peace and have the opportunity to see his grandparents again.

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