107 Jamz celebrates Black History Month and remembers the historical events that happened on this day....

Malcolm X-Express newspaper-Getty Images
Malcolm X-Express newspaper-Getty Images

The following events took place on this day in black history....

1895- North Carolina Legislature adjourns in memory of Frederick Douglas.

North Carolina Legislature, dominated by Black Republicans and white Populists, adjourned for the day to mark the death of Frederick Douglass.

1933- Jazz diva Nina Simone is born on this day.

1940-  Founder and chairman of SNCC, John Lewis is born.

1961- Otis Boykin patents the Electrical Resistor

African American inventor Otis Boykin is responsible for inventing the electrical device used in all guided missiles and IBM computers, plus 26 other electronic devices including a control unit for an artificial heart stimulator (pacemaker).

1965- At age 39, Malcolm X was assassinated in Audubon Ballroom on this day.

Malcolm X (39) assassinated in Audubon Ballroom at a rally of his organization. Three Blacks were later convicted of the crime and sentenced to life imprisonment. On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated, 11 months after his split from Elijah Muhammad's Nation of Islam.

1987- Black Rebellion in Tampa, Florida

African Americans in Tampa, Florida rebelled after an African American man was killed by a white police officer while in custody.

1992- Eva Jessye

Eva Jessye choral director for the first Broadway production of Porgy and Bess died in Ann Arbor, Michigan Feb. 21, 1992.

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