On Monday May 16th, the Washington-Marion High School 2016 Senior Class presents the “Breeding Scholastic Excellence, Graduation Walk.”  This is a special event that will serve as a final walk down memory lane, as students stroll through the halls of four schools in the .Washington-Marion vicinity.

The "Graduation Walk" will feature the 21 Honor Graduates who will lead the 2016 Washington-Marion Graduating Class on Wednesday May 18, 2016, during the school’s annual graduation ceremony at the Lake Charles Civic Center beginning at 7 p.m..  In order to be classified as an honor graduate, scholars must possess a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

This impressionable moment will be used as a tool to coordinate unity and educational support within the community.  The end result will hopefully motivate students at other area schools to work hard to achieve the same accolades as students who once walked the same halls as they presently occupy.  If family, friends or community supporters of each respective school would like to attend the "Graduation Walk," please contact each school prior to event to sign-in as a "visitor" to participate.

The "Graduation Walk " will proceed through the hall ways of Ray D. Molo Middle School, John J Johnson Elementary, J.D. Clifton Elementary , and Combre/Fondel Elementary between the hours of 1:00 pm - 2:50 p.m.  For questions or more details Contact: Cary Chavis 337.499.3648 cary.chavis@cpsb.org

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