So I was on what was to be a romantic date with my wife and I got the word that Whitney Houston had passed. Although the restuarant that we were in had basically sports all over the tv's, but it didn't take long for the word to get out about the passing of this icon of the music and movie industry.I remember as a teenager when this beautiful young lady burst on to the scene with "Saving All My Love For You", at least this was the first time that she came to my attention. Unfortunately I don't have every album she released, I think I can say that I am truly a fan and knew just about every song she released. After doing a little research, its hard to believe that a singer who has sold almost 200 million during her career was considered not black enough in the music industry. She was actually booed during the Soul Train awards in 89'. I never felt like that, and still feel like you can never be placed in a box regardless of whatever you do. I truly have a heavy heart when I think of her daughter  Bobbi Kristina and even Bobby since they shared so many years together. Let's not forget her mother Cissy and so many other family and grieving friends and fans. I won't dwell on this much longer, but what were you doing when you heard to news of the silencing of a great voice and what are some of your favorite Whitney Songs?




R.I.P Whitney Houston, the Heavenly Choir has another great addition!!