Today is really the first major holiday of the year. It's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day, also known as King's Holiday. The kids have a day out of school and most of the banks are closed through out the world as well. But what does this day really signify for you?

I think about this day and I reflect on a man who accomplished more in his short life, then most of us have even come close to reaching. We can also say that we have a dream, but what does that really mean. Do we have a dream of being a better individual, parent, husband or wife, what about model citizen. Dr. Martin Luther King stood up for things that were wrong and spoke for those who didn't have a voice. Now when you look at it today, we are not where we want to be, but we are so much further then we were. We have the chance to get a better education and have limitless degrees. We have the chance to move up in the ranks on our jobs and be able to take care of our families. Those luxuries were  not there back in the day. At times we were not even able to read, because it was forbidden.

This day reminds me to be grateful, but also hungry for more. It reminds me to look out for my brothers and sister and not be bound by my race. I love that my son can go to college and pursue a career in whatever he chooses to do. You can enjoy your day off, but remember what this day is all about. There was a wife who lost her husband and children who lost their dad because he stood up for us. Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day to all of you. Make sure you talk to your kids about the importance of this man and what he stood for.

Let them know that the way it is today is not much different then yesterday, but things are getting better. Remind them of the importance of voting, so they will not only realize their voice counts and that they are being heard. I remember this short film below when I was a child. It

"Our Friend, Martin Movie":

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