SWLA is on watch as Whataburger fans wait for the famous burger joint to open its newest location in Sulphur, LA. My co-worker is about to lose his mind!  Mike Soileau's eyes start twitching if he can't have his favorite hamburger. He'd make his pilgrimage to Texas all the time. So, we heard Sulphur was getting a Whataburger I thought about him.

I also knew he'd have all the details within 24 hours and he did! The next day he did a post with pictures and all spreading to word about the new Whataburger in Sulphur. It was funny because he was excited that one was being built closer to Texas. At the same time, he was a little annoyed that Lake Charles wasn't going to get one.

Then bam! Out of nowhere, we got the news Lake Charles was getting a Whataburger! It going to be located at 1835 Country Club right across from Trinity Baptist Church. Mind you, I was a little tickled myself because I like the popular burger franchise, just not enough to drive to Texas. But I was totally down with driving to Sulphur and thrilled to now know we will have one in Lake Charles.

But check this out! The folks at Discovery SWLA heard through the grapevine that after the Sulphur and Lake Charles Whataburger restaurants are built, they are going to build another in Moss Bluff! I sure hope it's true too. Poor Mike will never be the same!

Not many details are available about the Moss Bluff vacation, but you can beat we will keep our ears to the street. It's pretty exciting though.

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