Some portions of SW Louisiana and SE Texas are still picking up the pieces Hurricane Laura caused Aug. 27, 2020.  According to CoreLogic., a real estate and insurance data analytics firm the Cat. 4 storm caused an estimated $12 billion in property damage between both states. Laura was a historic event on many levels packing winds at 150mph, very little was left standing when she finally passed through. Entergy restoration workers were in the area for months repairing or replacing 839 of 1,459 transmission structures and 302 of 316 damaged substations in SWLA alone.

After surviving decades of violent hurricanes, Laura's winds proved to be too much for the Capital One Tower windows to sustain. The storm shattered windows on just about every floor of the Southwest Louisiana treasure. More than a year later some of the greatest engineers on the planet, still can't figure out how that happened.  Anton Davies, a wind engineer consultant, and founding member at RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists in Ontario said it should not have happened.

According to reports, the glass damage was so catastrophic, it perplexed engineers like Davis whose firm conducts wind engineering for some of the world’s tallest buildings including New York's One World Trade Center. He said, “When I looked at the pictures, I said this is not typical of how windows come out of a building.” The question still remains will the building that's been a part of the Lake Charles skyline since 1981 be torn down, or renovated? More than a year later, there is still no real answer.

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