As I killed time searching YouTube, building my list of top Christmas songs, I happened upon an alternate ending from “Friday After Next.” I had no idea an alternate ending existed! I figured since the 2002 film was based around Christmas time I’d share it with you!

Not sure if this clip was featured as bonus footage on a DVD, but after watching an alternate ending from one of my favorite film franchises (Friday) of all time, I’m determined that though heartwarmingly funny, the original ending can’t be beat.

Watch the alternate ending to “Friday After Next” above. Do you feel we still need a fourth installment that brings Chris Tucker’s “Smokey” character back, or should we just let it end with the last film? Sound off in the comments below of what you think.

Ice Cube will return to theaters on January 15th along with Kevin Hart in “Ride Along 2,” a sequel to the 2014 action/comedy film.

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