Tomorrow is the big day as we have Jeremy Stines, Jake Shaheen, and Dustin Granger running for the Senate seat that was recently vacated by Ronnie Johns to accept a position with Governor Edwards for the Louisiana Gaming Control Board.

There are 2 Republican candidates and 1 Democrat. However, at the end of the day, it is the vote that counts the most. This is where there should be no arguments of parties. The argument should be who is the best candidate for the position. There are currently 74,509 eligible candidates who can vote for the Senate District 27 Race. If the numbers are not favorable with more than half of the votes, there will be a runoff on December 11.

We always talk about the importance of voting and this one is not at all any less important. We have endured much with our homes and businesses and have had to deal with many insurance companies who have simply not stepped up to the plate. These are issues that should be addressed and should be brought to the table of accountability.

Early voting was held throughout Louisiana and as always the turnout wasn't the best. I don't have the answers for what would make people more apt to turn out to the polls. But I do know that we can't complain about the way things are being down on a local or national level if we are not doing our part to elect the right people in place.

The polls will open tomorrow from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. and if you would like additional information, don't hesitate to visit the Louisiana Secretary of State Website.


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