Tim Praters "United Front Entertainment" will be back in the city this Spring Bling weekend for another great performance. This play is called "You Can't Make Them Love You" and features plenty of great talent including Jarvis Jacobs and Gus Antoine.

While we are excited to have Timothy back that city, it is also a little somber as this play will be dedicated to Timothy's friend and business partner Patrick Jacko who passed away last year. Patrick was always full of laughter and jokes and will truly be missed . With this in mind the play will be performed in his honor.

Jarvis Jacobs- "So Stuck":

Make sure you are locked in for your time to call and score tickets for two to see "You Can't Make Them Love You" inside Central School theatre on Kirby Street here in Lake Charles this Saturday Night. You do not want to miss all of the fun for the entire family.

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