Today in Tha Wire the haters are putting in some serious overtime. Seems people will stop at nothing to come between rap superstars Cardi B, and Offset's relationship. It's definitely been a tough week for the newly engaged rap couple. As previously reported hacker's leaked explicit videos of Cardi stripping half-nude emerged on the net around Thanksgiving. The clips were followed by another video, featuring a naked women in a hotel bathroom. That started a firestorm of rumors that Offset was the cameraman in the video, and cheating. Ever since the Migos star proposed to Cardi in October, it's been straight drama.

The couple has since clapped back, creating a social media uproar, with a fake sex video on IG Live. Basically the two young stars were poking fun at the hackers, by sending a message....they were still very much together. However I don't know how much longer they can hold each other down, because the hate is real. Another scandal broke today, adding additional stress to their relationship.

TMZ reports a well known groupie named, Celina Powell, is claiming to be pregnant and Offset knocked her up! The only problem is, management for both of the rappers  say neither one of them knows who she is. In spite of that, Powell seems to believe she's going to have the rappers daughter. Friday (December 29, 2017,) she posted her sonogram on Twitter and announced the news to the world.

Powell posted a close-up pic of the sonogram that included the following caption:

 "I hope @offsetyrn & I work this out for the sake of Karma Lee Cephus."

Another problem with her accusations is this isn't the first time she claimed she was pregnant by a famous rapper. Matter of fact the Daily Mail reports she accused Fetty Wap and Chief Keef of getting her pregnant as well. So she's got some major credibility issues if nothing else. Meanwhile TMZ reports there's a FaceTime video of Powell and Offset that's gone viral. Sources in the rappers camp say the call was not a real call. That the professional groupie got hold of the rappers number, and she placed the call. Below is a video of the call, but there's no sound, which obviously is suspicious.

Again, Offsets camp says the rapper has never met Powell and that this was nothing more than a prank call. If she really is pregnant for the Migos rap star, the truth will come out. It's only a matter of time, and I'll keep you posted on any new developments (though I doubt they'll be any.)


One things for sure, the Bronx mommy is growing tired of the games. Based on what she said to the crowd at a recent performance, Cardi may suspect Offset could have strayed. If he did, she had a message for him. He better never do it again.

The rap diva is done with the drama. Hopefully they can keep it together, as we head into 2018. We certainly wish them the best. Happy New Year everyone! Tune in for the first entertainment news of the year with Tha Wire, right here on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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