Once again the city of Lake Charles came out and supported another big event. Yesterday saw the return of the 34th Annual Lake Charles Mardi Gras Chicken Run to the Lake Charles civic center and the crowd was in the building.



The event kicked off Friday night with over 800 in attendance at the KPC hall with Lil Nathan and the zydeco big tymers shutting the city down. Yesterday around noon everyone was in the building for the Mardi Gras chicken run parade with several hundred floats and horses taking a stroll around the city. But then the finale was in tow with the biggest concert yet to hit Lake Charles. We saw the return of Sean Ardoin and Zydekool , Chris Ardoin and Nu Step and the boss of Zydeco Keith Frank. There was also a surprise guest and Cupid and Mr. Phat came through to shut the city down. Last year was the first time it was done again in over 5 years and was inside the exibition hall, this year the coliseum saw all of the fun and man was it nice. Big shouts out to Chris for bringing it back and we're looking forward to next year for plenty more fun and music.