Is Amber Rose planning to marry 21 Savage? It's hard to say, but she makes it clear that's something she's willing to do in a brief new interview with TMZ. Check out what she's got to say in the video below.

In the video, TMZ meets with Amber in an airport, asking her about certain legal matters as soon as they see her. Last month, the mother of Rose's ex-husband Wiz Khalifa sued her for defamation, so the paparazzi asks for an update. Rose makes it clear she prefers not to discuss the matter, asking them to instead ask her about her relationship with 21, whose Issa Album has been getting a lot of attention since being released last month.

"Let's talk about how much in love I am, how happy I am," Rose says in the video, deflecting questions about her ex-mother-in-law. "I just got back from Atlanta. I'm in love, I'm happy." A few moments later, the TMZ reporter asks Rose about potentially marrying the Atlanta rapper. "I wanna marry him, but we'll see," she responds.

21 and Rose have been public about their relationship for a while now. What makes them so compatible, the TMZ reporter asks? "We just have so much in common, man," she reveals.

Elsewhere in the very short conversation, Amber reveals she doesn't plan on reaching out to Khalifa's mother. "When you start getting money, you gotta let lawyers handle that shit," she says of the matter.

Check out the interview for yourself below.

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